Getting Started

What's News?

The new iKey has introduced a brand new method of activation lock bypass, and it's a brand new method! This method is different from other market products, except that it bypasses the activation lock, it is 100% effective in bypassing replacement devices.

Simlock devices are temporarily not supported, please wait for the new policy

Recently some customers' devices may get hello stuck or reboot locked in 12.5.6 system. We recommend that you cancel the skip setup option and connect your device to wifi and then click start again.

A new message: Our holiday is over and we are back to work and will soon release Windows-based versions (Unit-Testing): Checkra1n free service for iOS 12-14, CheckM8/MEID service for iOS 12-15 and a new experience with the website service. It will take some time and our product release must be perfect and just as stable as the first version. Thanks for supporting iKey!
For A12+ devices, we will soon provide a hardware + software solution.

How to Use iKey Prime?

iKeyTools is a toolkit designed for remotely unlocking or bypassing iCloud locked iPhone, iPad or Mac just in one click! Our software has proven itself a reliable, fast, and straightforward unlock solution.

For us, as developers, the priority goal was to create a convenient and straightforward software capable of unlocking iCloud locked iPhone or iPad remotely. Another idea was to make this software easy-to-use for ordinary users with no technical skills. And we have done it!

1. Once you download iKeytools software, install it on your PC.

2. Connect your locked device to PC and run iKeytools software.

3. The software will automatically check your device for iCloud unlock possibility. It will offer to move you to the payment page.

iCloud unlock pricing is based on iPhone or iPad model, unlock method, iOS version, and device lock status.

Our online service guarantees the fulfillment of conditions described on service pages and a 100% refund. iCloud unlock software works remotely and is fully automated.

Q & A (Problems in the beta version)

Q:The device prompts activation failure
A:Please manually click the device to activate the lock page and then click "Start".

Q:The device did not skip the setup wizard, and there was a manual setup error.
A:Please reboot the device

Q:The device did not skip the setup wizard, and there was a manual setup error.
A:Please reboot the device

Q:The device cannot get a valid blob, please try again or manually click to the activation page
A: Please click the device to the activation page first, and then try again. If the problem persists, then the problem is caused by checkra1n. please use the latest version of checkra1n, we recommend using a docking station instead of Type C, preferably using USB2.0 port.

Q: The program flashes and quits.
A: The iKey protection process may have been triggered, please exit the packet capture and debugging tools.
in Beta version, processes with "file" are not allowed.
Please check this way:

tasklist | find /i "file"
taskkill /f /im "processname.exe"
If you have more questions, please contact us and we will be the first to solve them for you.
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